Becky Goodall, Health & Fitness Professional

"Since having my two boys and struggling myself, with a busy schedule, to get my old figure back I can appreciate how hard it can be for women, especially mums, to make time for themselves and achieve their goals. However, since finally managing to get back in my favourite pair of jeans for the second time, I have oodles more confidence and feel like the 'yummy mummy' I hoped I would be. Now I have the opportunity to help other women achieve their goals and feel great about themselves too."

Becky Goodall, Health & Fitness Professional and Founder of Get Your Body Back Boot Camp

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The Total Body Fix Formula!

6 simple steps to a happier, healthier,
more confident you!

Ladies, have you tried everything to drop that dress size but not had any luck? Or have you lost weight but piled back on as soon as the plan stopped?

Want something that REALLY WORKS and LASTS?

Combine our 6 simple steps with support and guidance from our expert trainers and you will not fail to lose inch after inch of body fat, feel fitter and stronger than ever before and regain your confidence and then some!

Guaranteed ResultsStep 1  Motivation

Step 2  Group Personal Training

Step 3  Full Nutrition Package

Step 4  Lifestyle Coaching

Step 5  Supplements

Step 6  Friendship and Camaraderie

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