Becky's Top Tips

Top 5 Simple Switches for Faster Fat-loss

Implement these top tips and you'll start to see the fat melt away in no time.

1) Switch your cooking oil from Vegetable/Sunflower/Olive oils to Coconut oil or Rapeseed oil

Olive oil changes form at high temps making it much less friendly than we commonly think. Rapeseed oil withstands the high temps of cooking much better so is therefore the healthier option. However, coconut oil has been making massive news in the last few years for it's metabolism boosting, immune strengthening, energising, heart healthy properties.

2) Switch your builder's brew to either green tea, tulsi tea, or hot lemon

Craving a hug in a mug? Make you're hot beverage work for you and actually assist in the fat-loss process. Green tea will actively dissolve triglycerides in the blood before they can be deposited as fat on the body and it's powerful antioxidants encourage thermogenesis - the process of fat being used up for fuel i.e. burning fat. Tulsi is believed to boost metabolism as it cleanses the digestive system and aids liver function. Lemon in warm water first thing in the morning can increase metabolism as the acidy gives the stomach a 'headstart' as it were. It's also thought to prevent as much sugar being absorbed from the diet.

3) Switch your long cardio workouts for short, high intensity interval training

I have trained and trained for runs in the past and despite keeping my calorie intake the same never lost so much as a pound! This is really common and a massive frustration amongst new clients. Firstly, this kind of exercise puts a sustained stress on the body so excess cortisol (stress hormone) is released in response which causes the body to hang on to fat. Secondly, it builds very little lean muscle mass. To burn more fat you need more muscle as muscle is the only tissue in the body that can do this! Interval training - short bursts of high intensity cardio and resistance exercise - allows the body to recover whilst keeping the heart rate elevated and calorie consumption really high. The resistance work builds up muscle fibres (not in a bulky way) for greater fat burning potential. This kind of exercise also keeps your metabolism firing faster for much longer afterwards.

4) Switch your toast and cereal breakfast for smoked salmon with scrambled eggs or an omelette

Toast, cereal, low fat yoghurts... all seriously pathetic breakfasts which will cause a massive insulin response resulting in all the sugars being depleted from the blood and converted by the liver to fat for storage. This causes a plummeting blood sugar level and then come the cravings... mid-morning binge! Start the day with a good portion of protein to keep blood sugars more stable. This will banish the cravings and keep you fuller and more satisfied for longer. Can't somach something savoury first thing? Try a banana omelette with cinnamon or punnet of mixed berries with nuts and seeds or for a breakie on the go try a smoothie with added protein powder or ground flaxseed.

5) Switch your mindset!

Get out of the seriously out-dated low-cal/low-fat diet way of thinking. It's long been regarded as the biggest mistake people make to lose weight by professionals in the health and fitness industry. With the government and Weight-watchers still 10 years behind the research the misconception that a low-fat diet will help you lose fat goes on. But have you ever dieted, lost weight but then piled it all back on then some afterwards? Yep, thought so! Yes, you lose weight initially but you're not just losing fat, in fact you're losing very little fat. What you're losing is water and muscle mass. And why is this a bad thing for long term fat-loss? Because we need muscle for burning fat! (If I say it often enough it will eventually sink in!!!)

The body needs fat for good health. It's a component of every cell in the body, and is also essential for adequate absorption of many vitamins and minerals. What it doesn't need is refined sugars and carbohydrates. It's these that make us fat. Even sweeteners contribute to weight gain as they too stimulate sugar cravings. By providing the sweet fix but no energy your body, initially fooled, then tells the brain it needs more sugar for energy. It's all a vicious circle.

Cut the crap and the cravings will go, your energy levels will soar and the fat will melt away!