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Top 4 Fat-Loss Supplements

A lot of doctors will tell you that you don't need supplements if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

The majority of people, including myself from time to time, are 'overdrawn' in the vitamins and minerals bank.

This might be because of excessive drinking of caffeine or alcohol and a diet of processed foods but even if you eat well it's almost impossible to get every nutrient on board in it's recommended daily amount every day.

Plus, what we eat isn't always as nutrient-rich as we think it is. Eating unseasonal foods from accross the world means that by the time your food has been injected with preservatives, packaged, transported, stored, cooked and served most of the goodness has been completely depleted.

It is essential that your body is well-stocked with all the vitamins and minerals it needs if it is going to function at its best and give you optimal fat loss by boosting liver function, digestion, hormone balance and improving muscle function for more efficient workouts.

These are my top 4 supplements for fat loss:

1) Alkalising Salts

When you increase the alkalinity of your blood you can absorb more oxygen which will boost energy levels and metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat for fuel.

2) Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

This keeps your muscles and joints working effectively, helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps you lose body fat by switching off our fat-storage enzymes and turning on our fat-burning enzymes.

3) Magnesium Citrate

The most important supplement you should be taking right now! It boosts energy levels and fights fatigue so you can get more from you workouts. It enhances your mood and helps with menstrual imbalances and is enormously important for healthy bones. But it is really fantastic at reducing stress which is one of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose weight due to the fat-storing hormones that stress on the body causes.

4) Good Quality Multivitamin

Preferably one with high daily doses of Vitamin C and D. Vit D elevates Serotonin (happy hormone) levels which stops us getting depressed and craving carbohydrate comfort foods! And vit C, as well as being crucial for our immune systems, also helps regulate cortisol (stress hormone) release from the adrenal glands. Cortisol causes fat to be deposited centrally and also attacks muscle tissue which we need as it's the only tissue in the body that can burn off fat!

These are all available to order from the website products page (coming soon) with quality guaranteed so order yours now and start feeling better than ever and see that stubborn fat melt away.