You cannot out-train a bad diet

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Nutrition package included

Simple rules to follow.

14 day detox meal plan.

Lots of tasty recipes and family-friendly menu suggestions.

"There's no such thing as a healthy fat person"

so get healthy Boot Camp style and the fat will melt away.

Boot Camp Nutrition

Eat Unlimited Food and Lose Fat Fast!

Eat as much meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruit and veg as you like and see the inches fall off.

If you want to be constantly counting points or calories, eat rubbish, feel rubbish, be permanently hungry and pile the weight back on as soon as you stop then this isn't for you. My boot camp ladies want to look and feel fantastic, be full of energy and see amazing fat-loss that's fast and lasts.

With the Get Your Body Back Boot Camp Healthy Eating Plan and amazing FREE recipes you can achieve all this and still eat as much as you want so you never feel hungry again.

Green apple

My favourite expression...

"You cannot out-train a bad diet"

So no matter how much time and energy you put into your training if you keep fueling your body with garbage you ain't gonna get results!

However, it is also true that...

"You cannot out-diet a crap lifestyle - if you don't get enough sleep or deal with your stress efficiently, your workout and diet are meaningless"

Dax Moy, Leading UK personal trainer

This is why, as part of the Get Your Body Back Boot Camp package, we aim to tackle every aspect of good health. Not only do we provide our campers with a 14 Day Detox Meal Planner and Healthy eating Guide but also include weekly top-tips, articles, motivation boosters, lifestyle suggestions and genuinely tasty recipes that will really see them get the results they want, fast.