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Having done a lot of research I have finally found a few suppliers with top of the range, quality assured vitamins and minerals at value for money prices.

The following list covers the supplements that I personally recommend for fat loss, optimal body function and increased immunity. It is by no means an exclusive list of what is available so if you regularly take any other supplements but would like the peace of mind of knowing they come with quality guaranteed then feel free to contact me for details.

The prices given provide you with the best value for money so tend to be for high strength, once-a-day doses and in high volumes.

Fish Oil

Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

One of the UK's strongest Omega 3s from premium grade fish oil.

This potency is achieved by concentrating the Omega 3 content of fish oil in a special 5 stage purification process that also deodorises the oil.

180 caps

MagAbsorb (Magnesium Citrate)

MagAsorb® (Magnesium Citrate)

Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

This clinically researched supplement is now one of the UK’s leading magnesium products. In the form of magnesium citrate, a compound that is known to be easy to absorb and at 150mg per tablet, just one tablet will make a significant contribution to your daily intake.

Our Nutritionists rate magnesium as one of the most important nutrients because it is involved in over 300 processes in the body and yet 8 out of 10 women are deficient.

120 caps

Multi-Guard Active

Multi-Guard® Active

The best one-a-day, high potency Multi for active adults.

A great multi to combat tiredness and fatigue with B vitamins up to 10 times stronger than the levels found in other well known multis. Also unrivalled in terms of its antioxidant content, including 10 ?g of vitamin D which is crucial for normal function of the immune system.

90 caps

Multi-Guard Balance

Multi-Guard® Balance

High potency multi with Cinnamon and Alpha-lipoic acid.

This specialist multi has several distinctive differences from others. One of the key ingredients is chromium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose. Cinnamon has been included for its natural effects on fat loss and alpha-lipoic acid because of its powerful antioxidant properties.

120 caps
240 caps

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

Highest strength, premium grade extract.

Best supplement available for improving liver function.

90 caps

Kelp Extract

Iodine - Kelp Extract Tablets

Providing Iodine 150?g from natural seaweed sources.

The tiny amounts of iodine needed by the body play a vitally important role in our health and wellbeing, contributing to normal thyroid function, normal production of thyroid hormones, normal energy-yielding metabolism, maintenance of normal skin.

180 caps

Vitamin C

Vitamin C - 1500mg Time Release

Highest strength, with rosehips and citrus bioflavonoids, longer acting.

The vitamin C is released slowly from the tablet over a period of 6hrs after swallowing. This helps to maintain blood levels of vitamin C higher for longer.

60 caps

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D

The best absorbed form of pure grade Vitamin D3.

Research has highlighted its vital role in bone health, the immune system and muscle function. Although also made in our skin, we need some from our diet, particularly during the winter months. This product can be taken in addition to any of the above multis to provide a safe intake of Vitamin D.

180 caps

Alkalising Compound

Alkalising Compound

The enhanced metabolism provided by these salts encourages your body to burn more fat, and it has been found that an alkaline body can absorb up to 20 times more oxygen than one that is too acidic, as well as neutralise the lactic acid produced by muscles during exercise. Great immune booster and will assist body detox. Recommended dose is 5g twice daily.


Epsom bath salts

Epsom Bath Salts (Magnesium Sulphate)

A well known salt used for muscle relaxation, sports injuries and recovery in the bath. Ideal for those of you in training as will speed up recovery for more effective back-to-back sessions. One 1kg bag does 2-3 soaks.

1kg bag
(Larger quantities available on request)

Pink Himalayan Detoxing Bath Salts

Pink Himalayan Detoxing Bath Salts

Himalayan salt is intensley rich in many minerals. It is claimed that a 30 minute soak in a bath filled with 800g of Himalayan Salt has the same detoxing effect as a three day fast. Although the science is unproven, I can vouch that you do feel amazing - totally cleansed, inside and out!

800g bag