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The Total Body Fix Formula!

6 simple steps to a happier, healthier, more confident you!

Ladies, have you tried everything else to drop that dress size but not had any luck? Or have you lost weight before but piled it all back on as soon as the plan stopped?

Want something that REALLY WORKS and LASTS?

Combine our 6 simple steps with support and guidance from our expert trainers and you will not fail to lose inch after inch of body fat, feel fitter and stronger than ever before and regain your confidence and then some!

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Our experienced trainers know exactly how to keep your motivation levels highs so you give 100% at every session for optimum results.

But how can we keep you motivated and on track the other 166 hours of the week that you’re not training?

This is what makes us different from gym classes or even other boot camps! You will implement several really successful strategies to inspire and motivate you throughout your time with us to help you achieve maximum results.

  • Goal setting - provides a focus with a clear start and finish line and accountability.
  • Before and After photos - a powerful tool to remind you what you don’t want to be anymore and spur you on as you see your success in progress.
  • Weekly measurements with regular check ups from our trainers keeps your goal at the forefront of your mind when making exercise and food choices.
  • Lots of contact with your trainer - they are available 24/7 by phone, text and email for advice, encouragement and support.
  • Access to the Member’s Only Area of our website where you’ll find lots more motivational resources including tips, quotes, strategies, blog posts and recipes.


Boot camp workouts can't be beaten! They're fast paced, effective, incorporate both cardiovascular and strength-building exercises, are suitable for all fitness abilities and are more fun than you've ever had in the gym. Best of all, our boot camp workouts are performed outdoors so it will get you out of the gym and in a new environment where you can interact with others.

During your 4 weeks at boot camp you will attend 12, 45 minute outdoor training sessions. Run by some of the area’s top personal trainers, the sessions are based on fast-paced interval training, which will not only rapidly improve your strength and fitness but also see you shed inch after inch of body fat.

Sessions, although tough, will be fun and varied and you will be worked at the right level for you, whether you are a complete beginner, returning to exercise after a baby or looking to seriously boost your fitness, as the exercises and sessions are designed to progress as you do.


In addition to the exercise, you will be guided through a comprehensive nutrition plan. You will not be asked to count calories, weigh all your food or keep boring food diaries. Diets like those don’t work! You can’t possibly sustain them so what happens? Yep, it all piles right back on again!

At Get Your Body Back Boot Camp we simply want you to be healthy. This means simply:

  • Altering beliefs and common misconceptions about what comprises a healthy diet
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Educating you about your nutrition and why it plays such an important role in getting you to your ‘Total Body-Fix’ goals.

We will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to get super healthy and as a byproduct you’ll see some seriously awesome and long-lasting results.

Your plan will include:

  • The Rules - a few key principles to follow during your time at boot camp and hopefully, long term for sustainable results
  • Extensive menu suggestions to help you follow the rules with ease
  • Plenty of genuinely tasty AND satisfying recipes
  • A 14-day detoxifying meal plan, complete with recipes, shopping lists and our guide to detox success.

Stick to the plan and you’ll see astonishing fat-loss results in no time!


What’s the point in losing a shed-load of weight to fit into that super skinny dress if your skin is seriously crappy, you’ve no energy to boogie and you’re constantly feeling tired and rundown and catching virus after virus so probably won’t be going out anyway?

All these things - stress, lack of sleep, poor immune system, migraines - are lifestyle related and can be easily remedied with a little know-how. And guess what, we’ve got it!

The Total Body Fix Formula is a whole body approach. As part of your boot camp experience you will receive lots of information, advice and support that will tackle these lifestyle issues that could be holding you back from really achieving those goals of yours. With a bit of work you’ll be strutting you stuff in that super skinny dress with amazing skin, bags of energy instead of bags under the eyes and a ton of confidence!


There will be plenty of people who say that as long as you have ‘a healthy balanced diet’ then there’s no need to supplement it. But it’s virtually impossible to get the full range of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in your diet everyday and, let’s face it, what we eat isn’t always as good for us as we think - lengthy transportation, packaging, storage and preservatives all deplete foods of most of their nutrients well before they hit our plates.

But why are these micronutrients so important anyway?

In a nutshell, the body doesn’t function properly, or as effectively, without them. Micronutrients are responsible for hormone secretion, food absorption, enzyme action, virus fighting, cell repair, organ function and much more and therefore play a huge role in mood, cravings, stress levels, immunity, sleep patterns, intelligence, fat-loss and energy levels.

As part of ‘The Total Body Fix Formula’ you will be provided with advice on how to supplement YOUR diet so your body is armed top to toe, ready to fight off those stressors that make you feel rubbish and prevent you from achieving your optimal fat loss.


Why do so many people fail to stick with with their gym programs or running or any exercise plan?


Get Your Body Back Boot Camp is definitely not boring! Our fast-paced varied sessions aside, what really makes our boot camps unique and so successful are the truly awesome ladies that come.

You will not meet a more welcoming friendly group of ladies. They range from 18-65, from complete beginner to super-fit but everyone’s there with the same goal - to get fit, shape up and have fun!

During your 4 weeks with us you will experience amazing team spirit and develop a real camaraderie that will keep you motivated, inspired, excited about every session and ultimately get you to you goals!