Woman doing a press up

“4 blocks in and I still really enjoy the variety of exercise, working out as a group, exercising first thing and the motivation from you (Becky). The tips and recipes have been a great help and several of the recipes have become weekly favourites. Most of all, I love the way it has made me feel about myself - more confident and happier than ever!”

Samantha Schofield
Lost 27lbs over 4 blocks and counting!

“Sophie is a fantastic coach and provides the perfect combination of encouragement and praise to keep you going when it gets tough. My boot camp experience has uncovered an enjoyment in exercise that I have been searching for for a long time! The results extend beyond my body and have improved my overall energy and wellbeing. Thank you Sophie and thank you boot camp”

Laura Craig, lost 11lbs in 4 weeks

"... today I bought some size 10 things and a size 8 top. Oh my God, I had to pinch myself repeatedly!!! I was a large size 16 when I started boot camp... Thanks for showing me the way."

Marni Greig

"I have thoroughly enjoyed 'Get Your Body Back Boot Camp'. It is a fantastic way to start your day. It really does deliver results and it has been great fun."

Kate Noble

"I have noticed a significant increase in my strength and muscle tone. Boot camp has given me great results quickly and I have really enjoyed it."

Rebecca Askham

"It's hard with three children to find time to get back to my old self... Boot camp was perfect because I was back before my husband left for work and it didn't disrupt tea and bedtime for the kids. The intensity meant I got results quickly without having to commit to a long, boring gym contract, and the support was great for keeping me going."


"I have completely loved it and have been amazed at the positive impact it's had on every aspect of my life - my energy and confidence levels are at an all time high. The variety of each session, the camaraderie, your support and leadership in keeping us motivated and appreciating everyone's individual effort, is more than I ever expected. Thank you Becky, well worth the early starts and the dosh!"

Jane Whitelaw

Woman doing a side lunge

"I’ve really enjoyed my first block of boot camp. I thought it would be hard to get up so early but Becky and all the other boot campers are so upbeat, friendly and positive that I felt really motivated to work hard. Add to that the great weight and inch loss (7lbs and 11inches) over the last 4 weeks, and I can’t bear to stop and have signed up for the next block."

Tori Gray

"Having not exercised for 6 years, I am amazed at what I can now do. Becky is brilliantly encouraging and positive, with varied and fun training sessions and great nutrition advice. I feel a lot more confident and would really recommend GYBB Boot Camp."

Vicky Igoe

"Thanks so much for running the boot camp. It has made such a difference to my happiness and self-esteem... It's been so nice to meet you and all the boot camp ladies."

Marni Greig

“GYBBBC is the best form of exercise I have ever participated in! Becky is totally fantasic at keeping you motivated (not an easy job for anyone at 6.15am!) and continually changes the workouts to keep you on your toes! There is no way I could get bored doing boot camp! The detox and recipes are excellent and really help to keep you focussed. The Member’s Only Area of the website is also full of great articles, recipes and tips to keep you going. Becky is a really great trainer and always happy to help you in any way. Thanks for the amazing time and I look forward to more early morning booties! xxx”

Jessica Christie