Drop a dress size - guaranteed results

"... today I bought some size 10 things and a size 8 top. Oh my God, I had to pinch myself repeatedly!!! I was a large size 16 when I started boot camp... Thanks for showing me the way."

Marni Greig

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Guaranteed Results

Boot camp classes have become incredibly popular for good reason - they get excellent results quickly. Combined with Becky's 2-week detox and healthy eating plan, after just 4 weeks you'll see...

  • Inch Loss, Fat Loss and Reduced Bloating - alongside the exercise sessions we provide a body detox and healthy eating plan designed to dispel those diet myths that have us all counting calories and help clients rethink their eating habits in a sustainable way.
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass - as muscles develop, up goes your resting metabolism. So you could be burning an extra 100 calories a day, not doing anything at all!
  • Increased Fitness - with interval training the heart rate stays high throughout the session, burning more fat and increasing the body's ability to withstand fatigue so you can work harder each time.
  • Enhanced Muscle Strength - using safe and effective body-weight exercises you'll be transforming your figure with tone and definition like nothing before.
  • Improved Core Strength and Stability - we don't waste time with hundreds of crunches that, more often than not, are done incorrectly and therefore have little effect and can cause more harm than good. Core exercises are far more effective at developing functional strength, flattening and toning the abdominal area and correcting posture at the same time.
  • Camaraderie, Support and Motivation - the social aspect of a ladies only boot camp makes working out fun - hugely important for adherence.
  • More Energy, Confidence and 'Get-Up-and-Go' - the combination of exercise and good nutrition will have you feeling fabulous inside and out.

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"Having not exercised for 10 years I am amazed at the results Becky has helped me to achieve in just 5 weeks. My posture has improved, I feel fitter, stronger and my energy levels have increased 100%. Never have I felt more positive... Becky is truly inspirational!"

Beverley Godfrey

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100% money back guarantee

If you're not thrilled with your results after attending all 12 sessions and following the nutritional advice you can have every penny back!